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A power-hungry corporation called Titanus blinded Ash with their experiments, but they also opened his ability to access Shade, a darker version of our reality. There, his vision returns and his wounds heal, but all other life crumbles to dust. 

While attempting to create a global teleportation system, Titanus accidentally opens several dangerous rifts that threaten to tear our world apart. Nightmarish creatures from another realm soon invade, impervious to all weapons. Believing Ash to be the only one able to close the portals, Titanus exploits those he cares about most to coerce him into cooperating.

But even immortals have limits.
Shade novel by Luke Romyn



Ash and Cassidy hide, but the Titanus Corporation still hunts them.

The Doctor’s experiments continue, and this time, he may have discovered something worse than mere monsters. A man—no, more than a man—emerges from the Multiverse.

His name? Titanus.

Titanus embodies all aspects of the corporation, wrapped in a shell that seems far from mortal. His greed is all-encompassing, his wrath without end, and his power biblical.

Teamed with an army of giants able to survive Shade, Titanus plans to dominate our world the way he destroyed his. Only Ash and Cassidy, along with a mutant hound called Scruff, hope to stand in his way. Can they win?

Only time will tell.

This is one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading in a long time. I highly recommend it.

Vigilant Reader Book Reviews (WALKING WITH SHADOWS)



Rivaling both Stephen King and Thomas Harris, without doubt, the edgy and provocative Luke Romyn is destined to emerge as the 21st century's newest Master-of-Horror.

Dee Marie - Award-winning author of the Sons Of Avalon saga. (THE DARK PATH)


You will get so sucked in that won't realize sitting down to read a chapter ends up being 'just one more' over and over again. (BEYOND HADES)




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